Daily Red Sox Links: Bobby Valentine, Andrew Miller, Clay Buchholz

St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Boston Red Sox third baseman Mauro Gomez (50) hits a 2 RBI single in the seventh inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

The season is lost, but even so, it feels good to win a game every now and again, right?

Which teams are getting the most for their money? That's a good and difficult question. But! If you're the type that prefers easy to difficult, maybe asking this question is the better way to go: which teams are getting the least for their money? That one isn't tough at all. ... Oh, come on, you have to know this. OK, fine, a clue: look at the hat on your head. (Maury Brown; Baseball Prospectus) ($$$)

There have been more than few dark spots for the Red Sox this year, but one of the relative few bright bright spots, at least relatively speaking, is Clay Buchholz. Buchholz had what might be charitably called a bad start to the season, but since then he's been the top of the rotation starter that we all hoped he'd be. So that's nice. (Mark Polishuk; ESPN Boston)

Speaking of bright spots -- apparently this is the happy fun edition of Daily Red Sox Links -- Andrew Miller is one. The former first round pick has put together a better than half decent season in the Red Sox bullpen and the hope exists that he can replicate it next season when the Red Sox might be in the playoff hunt. (Tim Britton; The Providence Journal)

Bobby Valentine, Bobby Valentine, Bobby Valentine. It's all about the V. For a few more weeks at least. (Alex Speier; WEEI.com)

If you're into the whole audio thing that the kids are loving these days you might want to listen to this interview with Red Sox reliever Craig Breslow. He talks to David Laurila of Fan Graphs. (David Laurila; Fan Graphs)

Joe Posnanski loves the pennant races. So do I, for that matter, even without the Red Sox in them there are some interesting story lines. Joe Pos takes a look. (Joe Posnanski; Sports on Earth)

Today in self-promotion: Jason Wojciechowski of Beane Ball, The Platoon Advantage, and Baseball Prospectus has inexplicably and against his better judgement teamed up with yours truly to do a weekly weekend podcast on all things baseball. We just recorded our first last Saturday and are intending to continue posting a new episode each weekend going forward. (Matt Kory and Jason Wojciechowsk; Back of the Bullpen Podcast)

Are the Yankees turning it around? Let's hope not. (Charles P. Pierce; Grantland)

I've become a fan of The Common Man's work at the Platoon Advantage. He's been so good, in fact, that he also writes at Baseball Prospectus and Canada's own baseball blog, Getting Blanked at The Score.com. This is a dispatch from the latter, wherein Mr. Common Man looks at the second Wild Card and explains the reasons why he is a fan. Good stuff. (The Common Man; Getting Blanked at The Score)

Finally, Allan at Joy of Sox summarizes the Red Sox situation in the way that only he can. (Allan; Joy of Sox)

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