Series Preview: Los Angeles Angels

FOXBORO, MA: Jered Weaver #36 of the Los Angeles Angels throws against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Wait, didn't Boston just play these guys? Thanks a lot, MLB Schedule Overlords, for keeping the Halos and Red Sox away from each other until August, so they could then quickly get sick of each other and renew their decades-old dislike through forced proximity and over-familiarity.

Things will be a little briefer than usual, since the Angels had just enough time to leave Boston to setup their home to accommodate their recent hosts.

Game 1: Jered Weaver (148 IP, 3.4 K/BB, 2.74 ERA) vs. Clay Buchholz (145 IP, 2.1 K/BB, 99 ERA+)

Game 2: C.J. Wilson (164-1/3 IP, 2.0 K/BB, 98 ERA+) vs. TBD

Game 3: Zack Greinke (39-2/3 IP, 2.2 K/BB, 73 ERA+) vs. Jon Lester (161 IP, 2.8 K/BB, 89 ERA+)

It's Weaver and Buchholz again, a match-up as potentially exciting as it was potentially exciting a week ago. Hopefully, for both the sake of Buchholz and the Red Sox, round two doesn't involve Buchholz giving up seven runs thanks to a baker's dozen of baserunners.

C.J. Wilson was pummeled by Boston last time he pitched against them, giving up seven runs (six earned) over five innings in a game the Angels would end up winning 14-13 thanks to an Alfredo Aceves implosion in extras. I want to see that episode again, except this time with an alternate ending. We don't know who will be facing Wilson just yet, though, thanks to what's been going on in Boston's rotation, with Beckett heading west, Aaron Cook pitching on short rest, and Franklin Morales apparently not a lock for that spot despite last pitching on August 23.

Zack Greinke has shortened his name from Zachary, and because of this, I never remember that he spells his name with a "K" rather than an "H", meaning I need to double-check even if I have it right the first time. He has more significant problems than my inability to remember this simple thing, though, as he's been awful since the Angels acquired him from the Brewers. This likely isn't helping his free agent stock, given there have already been plenty of whispers about large markets not wanting him. He'll take on Jon Lester, who continues to look like vintage Jon Lester, rather than the depressing facsimile that existed from May through late July.

Albert Pujols, who has been out since injuring his calf against the Red Sox last Wednesday, is expected to be back i in the lineup Tuesday. The Red Sox won't be so lucky, as David Ortiz is back on the DL as of yesterday, and instead, will use more Ryan Lavarnway, Mauro Gomez, and company at the position going forward.

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