Jason Vargas For Ryan Sweeney?

Hey everyone! Hopefully everyone is still enjoying the big win over the Yankees. Now that the Red Sox are 51-51 and there's two days before the July 31 Trade Deadline. Just wanted to propose a possible trade the Sox could make..

Late last night, multiple reports surfaced that we were looking to dump Beckett to either the Braves or Rangers. Maybe even the Dodgers. Even if such a move were made, I wouldn't consider a Beckett trade a sign a sign of surrender on Boston's part. Seems like it's a way of getting rid of the main cause of the turmoil the rotation has endured.

With a possible Beckett trade, the Red Sox would need to come up with some sort of fifth starter. While I'm a big fan of Franklin Morales starting, I'd rather have him as Aaron Cook insurance, in case he continues to struggles. With that being said, I believe the Red Sox could make a "buyer move" that could keep them in contention, and possibly make them better.

Last year, the Sox acquired Erik Bedard at the deadline. While that really didn't work out like we'd all hope, I think the Red Sox need to make another move with Seattle. Not for Felix Henandez (well, at least not yet). One for left hander Justin Vargas.

Nick Cafardo reported that the Red Sox had "mild interest" in Vargas. I'm really not sure why this guy isn't drawing more interest. This season, he's putting up terrific numbers in Seattle, posting an 11-7 record with a 3.76 ERA this season. He doesn't strike out a lot of people, but he doesn't walk a lot, either. He owns a manageable 1.158 WHIP and a not so awful 100 ERA+. The only downside is that he has given up 25 homers, among the most in the majors.

Still, he's been one of the hottest pitchers in baseball as of late (4-0, 1.55 ERA in the month of July). Unlike Bedard, he doesn't have major injury concern. The Red Sox are a match for Vargas not only because they are looking for starting pitchers, but because they process what the Mariners want, which is controllable hitters. Specifically, outfielders.

Even though he's on a one-year deal, Cody Ross is off the table in any potential deal at all. But, I would consider trading Ryan Sweeney--who's under team control for one more season--in order to get a guy like Vargas. In a potential Sweeney for Vargas swap would have the Sox taking on about $3 million in salary.

While I'm not sure if the M's would do a straight swap, they might be willing to do a two or three-for-one. Whether that be for a Daniel Nava, Lars Anderson (we can only hope) or Mauro Gomez. Maybe a AA guy like Miles Head might entice them as well. I'm just not sure..

I seem to be convinced that a trade like this could end up working, since I look at the Francisco Liriano trade as a model of what a Vargas trade might look like. The White Sox got the left hander for Eduardo Escobar and Pedro Hernandez--in my mind an absolute steal.

What do you all think? Do you want Vargas? Would a trade built around Sweeney get it done?

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