Daily Red Sox Links: John Lackey, Kevin Youkilis, Clay Buchholz

BOSTON, MA - Darnell McDonald #54 of the Boston Red Sox leaps to make a catch from a ball hit by Kelly Johnson #2 of the Toronto Blue Jays in the ninth inning at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

When you don't live in or around Boston sometimes you miss the sounds bouncing back and forth in the echo chamber that is local media. Nobody is talking about Clay Buchholz attending a charity event at my parents house in Virginia, but apparently it's a thing up in Boston. Why? I have no idea. Neither does the excellent Dustin Parkes, but then he doesn't live in Boston either. (Dustin Parkes; The Score)

One time shortly after moving to Philadelphia I made a trip to Lehigh and 21st Street in Philadelphia. There's only a church on the grounds now, so why did I go there? Because that was where Shibe Park used to stand. Richard Barbieri did the same thing in Brooklyn, going to the site where Ebbets Field once stood, only he had the good sense to write about it. (Richard Barbieri; The Hardball Times)

When you get right down to it, Kevin Youkilis did one thing as well as anyone in baseball: he didn't make outs. (Joe Posnanski; Joe Blog)

You mean someone misunderstood the book Moneyball? I find that hard to believe. (The Common Man; The Platoon Advantage)

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OK, Red Sox Nation, get ready, because John Lackey is on the road to recovery from Tommy John surgery and supposedly he's making good progress. Hooray!!! (Brain MacPherson; The Providence Journal)

Our own Marc Normandin investigates the Red Sox newest rotation member, Franklin Morales. (Marc Normandin; Baseball Nation)

The great Steven Goldman is on the move again, this time he's moving to SB Nation! Yes, Mr. Goldman is taking his long-running Pinstriped Bible to our sister-site, Pinstripe Alley. Best of luck in the new digs, Steven! (Steven Goldman; Pinstripe Alley)

You may recall the topic of this article (our own Ben Buchanan covered it here three days ago) but different minds can disagree, so here's Kirk Minihane on who will be the next Red Sox player traded. (Kirk Minihane; WEEI.com)

Newest Paw Sock Zach Stewart had a pretty decent first start. (Scott Candage; Fire Brand of the AL)

Cubs fans are apparently infatuated with former Sox prospect Anthony Rizzo. I had no idea. (Bradford Doolittle; Baseball Prospectus)

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