The possibility of trading Kevin Youkilis

There has been a lot of talk about trading Kevin Youkilis lately. I think that unless we are getting someone that can help us this year as much as Youkilis can, we should not trade him. While people are saying Youk would get nothing, I don't understand that. He still has an option year, so if a team wants him for another year, they can pick it up, so the rental argument doesn't make much sense. Youk is owed 12 million this year, and 14 million next year. According to fangraphs, a player must produce 2.7 WAR to be worth 12 million dollars, and 3.1 WAR to be worth 14 million dollars. Youk has put up a 3.7 WAR or higher every year since 2007. While Youk is old, and did have a worse season last year, there is still a reasonable possibility last year was a fluke year, and Youk was still worth 3.7 WAR last year. People say Youk can't play 3B and can only play 1B. I think he would be better at 1B, but can play 3B below average.

More people are talking about how Will Middlebrooks will replace Youk easily. I don't see that happening, Middlebrooks has hit well overall so far in the majors, but his OBP is .309, his BB% is 4.4, and his K% is 32.4. His hitting is not sustainable.

So I think we could trade Youk, if we got a good piece, but I don't think we have to.

So let's look at all the teams in the majors and if they would want Youk:

Yankees: Teixeira

Rays: Carlos Pena is pretty similar to Youk, don't see it

Orioles: Chris Davis is lousy but don't see them trading within the division.

Blue Jays: Just placed Adam Lind on waivers, but don't see them trading within the division

Indians: Possible trade candidate if they are still good by the deadline. Not much money, but if they really want to go for it

White Sox: Konerko

Tigers: Fielder and Cabrera is really a 1B

Royals: Eric Hosmer

Twins: Joe Mauer will have to move to 1B full time soon

Rangers: Trade candidate, could play Napoli at C, and rest Youk or Michael Young when he has to play 1st

A's: Don't they have like a million first basemen? And they're not good

Angels: Pujols is still amazing despite his start

Mariners: Lousy

Braves: Freddie Freeman

Nationals: Michael Morse will come back and Adam Laroche is okay

Marlins: Gaby Sanchez is okay and not old

Mets: Ike Davis is young and okay

Phillies: Howard is really a lousy player, but Amaro only cares about RBIs so Howard when he comes back

Cardinals: Lance Berkman is a good 1st Baseman, and they don't have to make a change

Reds: Would love to see Youks to his hometown but he can't DH in NL and they have Votto

Pirates: No money

Astros: no money

Brewers: terrible 1Bman, but they aren't good right now, and don't see them trading unless they're in it.

Cubs: Have former Red Sox prospect Anthony Rizzo coming up, and they aren't in it, but maybe Theo would trade for Youk.

Dodgers: Trade candidate

Giants: Brandon Belt is good, and young, and was a top prospect

D-Backs: Not enough money

Rockies: Locked in to Helton contract

Padres: Not enough money

So the teams he could be traded to are




Cubs and BRewers are longshots

so maybe Josh Tomlin from the Indians with us taking half salary, Colby Lewis from the Rangers, or Chad Billingsley from the Dodgers.

I'm dreaming, but how about this longshot?

Youk, Ranaudo, Brentz and Brandon Jacobs with us taking all Youk's salary for Zack Greinke

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