Red Sox Daily Links - Bobby Valentine, Kevin Youkilis, and Cody Ross

Kevin Youkilis #20 of the Boston Red Sox watches the game from the dugout at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. The Tampa Bay Rays defeated the Boston Red Sox 1-0. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

If you're the sort that enjoys early starts, yesterday's Red Sox Patriot's Day game may have been your bag. However, if you're the sort that enjoys winning, maybe then not so much. The lack of offense was one thing, but coupled with a manager who's butt was apparently glued to the bench at the most unfortunate time and an umpire who must have had a his eyes glued shut, well, it made for a frustrating end to what was actually a pretty promising day.

Despite the result, Daniel Bard was actually quite good. Again. That's not to say he was perfect because he wasn't, but one run over seven innings qualifies as a success. Plus, this bodes well for the future. So says I, but far more importantly so says Alex Speier of (Alex Speier;

Allan at Joy of Sox lays out the he-said-she-said of the whole Bobby Valentine/Kevin Youkilis thing. In the end, he finds Dustin Pedroia's statements to be the most damaging. (Allan; Joy of Sox)

This wasn't Bobby Valentine's best day. At least we really hope it wasn't. (Craig Calcaterra; Hardball Talk)

And while we're lingering on the Joy of Sox, Allan has both the Pitch f/x data and a screen grab of NESN's pitch zone from Cody Ross' ninth inning game-ending at-bat, both of which show every single pitch that Fernando Rodney threw to Ross was outside. Ever. Single. Pitch. Was Out. Side. O. U. T. S. I. D. E. Unbelievable. (Allan; Joy of Sox)

As you might expect Cody Ross was less than pleased after being called out strikes to end the game after watching five balls go by. He'll probably get fined because we can't have players saying things that are true to the media. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

The great Steven Goldman writing from his new home at Bleacher Report wonders whether Bobby Valentine's mouth and led feet will lead to him being one and done in Boston. (Steven Goldman; Bleacher Report)

In vaguely more promising news, Chris Mellon gives us a complete scouting report on Red Sox prospect Bryce Brentz. (Chris Mellon; Sox Prospects)

Daniel Bard's two starts may have resulted in Ls but they're promising nonetheless. (Paul Swydan; Fan Graphs)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for a major league baseball team and then become a writer? Even if not, this is absolutely worth your time. (Ben Lindbergh; Baseball Prospectus [free!])

Finally, hopefully most of us haven't turned against Bobby Valentine (though going after Kevin Youkilis seemed entirely unnecessary and shockingly odd) but it appears he's lost the crew at Surviving Grady. (Denton; Surviving Grady)

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