The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 43 - Spontaneous Podcast!

Youk counts his fingers while remembering a particularly hilarious souffle recipe.

It wasn't going to happen.

Not today, not yesterday, not tomorrow. We, the authors here at OTM, love you, the readers of OTM, but sometimes try as we might, we just can't make it happen for ya. Sadly, very very sadly, this was to be one of those times. Put the flags at half mast because, if you can believe it, there would be no Over The Monster Podcast this week.

Then Marc wrote me the following message over gchat:

Marc: So what's the deal with that garbage you call writing? Any way I can get you to quit? You're embarrassing me and you're embarrassing the site. Also, any chance at a random afternoon podcast?me: Hmm...10:35 AMMaybeI probably can do it at around 3pm PSTfor like a 1/2 hr or 40 minsMarc: works for me10:37 AMme: Ok, it's a planMarc: You're a failure. I hate you.

And thus the 43rd Over The Monster Podcast was birthed! Born unto the two of us with a primary assist to an opening in our schedules.

You may be wondering, Matt, what does this "43rd Over The Monster Podcast" contain, you know, information-wise? Well, to answer your question, "person," I'd say this 43rd Over The Monster Podcast contains two of the following:

1. Goats
2. Baseball
3. Marc Normandin

I leave you to draw your own conclusions. I will however provide you with, as a public service, the topics discussed. Because I care.

First, we discuss Adrian Gonzalez's odd but productive 2011 and the possibility of him improving on it this season. It's BABIP Super-Hour! Then we move on to Jacoby Ellsbury and his amazing 2011. Can he do it again? It's a definite maybe! Then we talk lineup construction before the total nerd-out causes Matt to reach for a handy-dandy People Magazine (thanks, marriage!). Marc wasn't so fortunate and over-nerded. Before he could be revived we called it a podcast. Exeunt!

You can subscribe to and/or download the podcast at iTunes and/or listen and/or download at our hosting site, Podomatic. Email us with questions, gum stain tips, least favorite sitcoms, stewed goat recipes, media inquiries, and general goat-related ephemera at Thanks as always, to Kahoots, the official band of the OTM Podcast, and of course thanks to you for listening.

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