My AL east positional rankings

I'll do my subjective, Red Sox vs Yankees vs Rays position by position for next season. Five points for 1st place at a position, 4 for 2nd place, 3 for 3rd place and so on

C Salty/Lavarnway/Shoppach vs Martin vs Molina/Chrinos vs Arencibia vs Wieters

Orioles 5 Yankees 4 Red Sox 3 Blue Jays 2 Rays 1

1B A-Gon vs Texeira vs Pena vs Lind vs Davis/Reynolds

Red Sox 8 Yankees 8 Orioles 6 Rays 4 Blue Jays 4

2B Pedroia vs Cano vs Zobrist vs Johnson vs Roberts

Red Sox 13 Yankees 11 Rays 8 Orioles 7 Blue Jays 6

3B Youk vs A-Rod vs Longoria vs Lawrie vs Reynolds

Red Sox 17 Yankees 13 Rays 13 Blue Jays 9 Orioles 8


Aviles/Punto vs Jeter vs Rodriguez/Brignac vs Escobar vs Hardy

Red Sox 19 Yankees 16 Blue Jays 15 Rays 14 Orioles 12

LF Crawford vs Gardner vs Jennings vs Thames vs Chavez

Red Sox 23 Yankees 21 Rays 17 Blue Jays 17 Orioles 13

CF Ellsbury vs Granderson vs Upton vs Rasmus vs Jones

Red Sox 28 Yankees 25 Rays 20 Blue Jays 18 Orioles 15

RF Ross/Sweeney vs Swisher vs Joyce vs Bautista vs Markakis

Red Sox 29 Yankees 28 Rays 24 Blue Jays 23 Orioles 17

SP #1

Sabathia vs Lester vs Price vs Romero vs Britton(lol)

Yankees 33 Red Sox 33 Rays 27 Blue Jays 25 Orioles 18

SP #2

Beckett vs Pineda vs Shields vs Morrow vs Hammell (you're kidding me right?)

Red Sox 37 Yankees 36 Rays 32 Blue Jays 27 Orioles 19


Buchholz vs Kuroda vs Hellickson vs Cecil vs Chen

Red Sox 42 Yankees 40 Rays 35 Jays 29 Orioles 19

SP #4

Bard vs Nova vs Moore vs Alvarez vs Arrieta

Red Sox 46 Yankees 43 Rays 40 Jays 31 Orioles 20

(to me Bard is 2nd because he has the most upside by far of anyone not named Moore)

SP #5

Cook/Padilla/Aceves vs Hughes/Garcia vs Davis vs McGowan vs Wada

Red Sox 49 Yankees 47 Rays 45 Blue Jays 32 Orioles 22

People complain about the 5th starter slot but look at the rest of the division

Bullpen as 1

Red Sox 53 Yankees 52 Rays 48 Blue Jays 34 Orioles 21

I think that it will be a very, very close race for the division. Obviously this isn't the perfect way to do it, and I would prefer projections but people here hate those.

Edited for Youk and CF

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