2012 Red Sox Community Projections: Jacoby Ellsbury

Now that we've wrapped up last year's projections, it's time to get started predicting 2012.

Every year around this time (actually, slightly earlier) we ask you, the readers, what you expect out of some of our more interesting players in the coming season--typically five pitchers and five hitters. The goal of this exercise isn't necessarily to revel in how awesome our best players will be, however, but to gauge how confident the community is when it comes to some of our biggest question marks.

With that in mind, I submit to you the following list for community projections:

Adrian Gonzalez - After a strong if BABIP-heavy start to his Red Sox career, will Adrian's healthy shoulder bring long balls to compensate for those extra few grounders that found the hole last year?

Jacoby Ellsbury - From broken rib pariah to MVP-level superstar, was Jacoby Ellsbury's power show last year a fluke, or a sign of a changed player.

Carl Crawford - Can Crawford overcome his terrible start in Fenway to find some of his past glory both at the plate and in the field?

Mike Aviles - Replacing the only man to successfully man the shortstop position in years for the Red Sox, can Mike Aviles prove his doubters wrong and earn his spot in the starting lineup?

Cody Ross - A spring training phenom and San Francisco fan favorite, Red Sox fans are currently dreaming of Ross taking advantage of the Monster like he has been down in JetBlue Park so far. Can he keep it going once the regular season starts?

Josh Beckett - Odd-year Beckett returned in style for 2011. Will even-year Beckett keep the cycle going in 2012, or will we finally see some consistent results.

Daniel Bard - Is he a starter? Is he a reliever? I'm thinking there will be a lot of bad guesses for this one, but it absolutely has to be done.

Andrew Bailey - Our newest closer will have to show he can get it done in one of the most unfriendly fly ball parks in America. Will he rise to the occasion, or flounder in Fenway?

Felix Doubront - Really, this is the place for whichever pitcher starts the year in the other rotation spot, but for now that seems likely to be Felix.

Clay Buchholz - Can Buchholz overcome the back injury that left him out in our time of greatest need last year? Or will he struggle with injury and expectations once again?

Comments? Suggestions? Feel free to leave them in the comments, but more importantly, project Jacoby Ellsbury in the following categories








Please just copy and paste that, filling in the blanks to make your prediction. It really helps if you keep them in order for purposes of rounding them all up at the end.

Predict away!

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