Daily Links - Bobby Jenks, Felix Doubront, Joba Chamberlain, and Daniel Bard

Jupiter, FL, USA; Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Felix Doubront (61) throws in the third inning against the Miami Marlins during a spring training game at Roger Dean Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

It was an eventful weekend for relief pitchers on and connected to the Red Sox.

First, there was Bobby Jenks, who was pulled over and arrested for driving while being, in the pitcher's words, "messed up." We'll give him props for being honest, which brings his props total to negative one billion. He was taken into custody and repeated booted in the nuts jailed. Also, he's really super-duper sorry. So, that's $16 million down the commode. What's next?

Joba Chamberlain isn't my favorite Yankee by any stretch, but I wouldn't wish what happened to him on anyone. Well, I'd wish it on Hitler, but only after being half eaten by a mountain lion with dull teeth, gum disease, and some orally transmitted flesh eating vir... you know what? Never mind. Anyway. Poor Joba. Chamberlain was playing on a trampoline with his five year old son when he fell awkwardly and ripped up his ankle. The details are pretty gruesome (you can look them up if you really want the specifics) but the good news, if indeed good news can come from something like this, is that he was released from the hospital and might be able to pitch again this year. Mike Axisa at River Ave. Blues has some post injury thoughts on Joba's injury, the circumstances surrounding it, and his career. As much as we dislike the Yankees around these parts, we we don't wish injury upon any of their players. Here's wishing Joba a speedy and full recovery.

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Continuing the injury train...

It was much speculated during the off season after Jonathan Papelbon left for Philadelphia that the Red Sox might sign Phillies closer Ryan Madson. It didn't come to pass, instead the Sox traded for Andrew Bailey from Oakland, but Madson survived, landing a one year, $8.5 million deal to close for a contending Cincinnati team. Now, after injuring his elbow, Madson will spend the season rehabbing from Tommy John Surgery.

Another soon-to-be Tommy John Surgery recipient is Royals closer Joakim Soria. Like many good relievers, Soria has been connected to the Red Sox here and there, and one wonders why the Royals didn't cash him in for young prospects years ago. But they didn't and now they're minus Soria, the prospects he would have brought back, and a good portion of his trade value.

Brian MacPherson at the Providence Journal notes that after Daniel Bard's start yesterday, manager Bobby Valentine was more glass half full than glass half empty about Bard as a starting pitcher.

Alex Speier at WEEI.com has maybe the definitive work on the decisions the Red Sox must make regarding their pitching staff and the repercussions that those different possible choices will have. This is War and Peace for Red Sox fans worried about the back end of the pitching staff. Pack your pipe, light the fire in the fireplace, and make sure you're wearing long pants because that leather chair doesn't breathe well. You're in for the night.

If you enjoy reporting on lazy reporting, The Common Man's most recent posts at The Platoon Advantage are for you. Jon Heyman is the culprit and TCM doesn't pull punches. (Part 1 here, Part 2 here.)

The fine folks at a blog called Wicked Cleavah has a post called Five Reasons Bobby Valentine is a Bad Idea. I'm not sure I agree with all of them, but it's at least well thought out and, if I may use the word "thought" for the second (now third) time this sentence, food for thought as well.

Finally, Baseball Prospectus' Sam Miller has written the seminal work on Russel Branyan. If you're a fan of good writing, well, one, what are you doing reading this, but two, you need to read it. Also it's free. Yay for that.

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