All-Fenway Team Voting Open At Third And Second

Red Sox fan construction of the All-Fenway team -- meant to celebrate 100 years of Fenway Park -- continues on, with the hot corner and the keystone now open for voting. As with many of the positions, there are Hall of Famers in the mix, as well as more recent fan favorites. It'll be interesting to see where the allegiances of this iteration of Red Sox fans lie.

Second Base Years Played PA OPS+
Mike Andrews 1966-1970 2466 108
Marty Barrett 1982-1991 3816 86
Bobby Doerr 1937-1951 8028 115
Pete Runnels 1959-1964 3004 124
Dustin Pedroia 2006-2011 3201 117
Jerry Remy 1979-1984 3118 81

Doerr was inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Veteran's Committee in 1986. He spent his entire career with the Red Sox, starting when when he was 19 years old, and finishing up as a 33-year-old in 1951. His line from all those years ago still looks impressive today: that 115 OPS+ translates into a .288/.362/.461. He spent one season serving in the military in 1945, and his career ended abruptly due to a back injury suffered in his final season.

Runnels came to the Red Sox after seven years with Washington. The 30-year-old rebounded from a rough final season with Washington, and had the best years of his career with the Red Sox before finishing up his career slow with Houston.

Pedroia and Remy -- you might know a little something about them. Pedroia doesn't have the years on Doerr, but it's good to see he's had the production, especially since OPS+ isn't counting his glove work.

Third Base Years Played PA OPS+
Wade Boggs 1982-1992 7323 142
Larry Gardner 1908-1917 4511 115
Mike Lowell 2006-2010 2480 107
Frank Malzone 1955-1966 5702 93
Bill Mueller 2003-2005 1650 119
John Valentin 1992-2001 4269 110

John Valentin had some great years with the Red Sox -- though the best ones were as a shortstop. Bill Mueller was wonderful (and timely!) but wasn't in town very long. Problem is, this Wade Boggs guy exists, and that means he's the one who should be getting your vote. Boggs is in the Hall of Fame, and somehow still underrated. Career .415 OBP, .338/.428/.462 with the Red Sox. That'll do, Wade. That'll do.

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