My Dad The Red Sox Fan.

Hello OTM, hope your offseason is treating you well. Something interesting has just occurred to me and I would like to share it with you.

Being a native of Baltimore for my entire life, I have grown up as a huge Orioles fan. For whatever it's worth, this year was just a dream come true for me. But that's beside the point, this year was also a year of discovery. Fifteen years ago, my dad lost his fight with leukemia. He was the reason my family was in Baltimore in the first place, writing for The Sun after graduating from the University of Missouri in 1984 with a bachelor's in journalism. For my entire life, I had assumed that he was either a Cardinals, Braves, or Orioles fan (having grown up in Kentucky and lived in Baltimore for most of his adult life). I was never old enough to ask him, let alone remember, and through all of these years it's never been something that I've ever thought to ask anyone who knew him. Well, it turns out I was wrong all along.

This past month, I finally decided I was ready to explore the chest of things that my dad had left behind and that my mom had picked out for me. Inside were old photos, yearbooks, letters from friends, high school trophies, clothes, watches, report cards, CD's, journals, everything I could have imagined that would help me know him better. Among all of this, I found one thing probably the most surprising. My dad was a huge Red Sox fan. In this chest were several very cool items of Red Sox memorabilia that I thought I would share with you guys today. I've tried to do a little research to pin down the time periods of some of this but I could very well be wrong, so feel free to leave any corrections in the comments.

If I'm not mistaken, this is a Red Sox hat circa 1931, evidently it didn't last very long but replicas were made and sold as retro caps nonetheless.


This is another retro hat, used from 1946-1951. Also the induction of the white trim around the red B.


Here's the front view of his Mitchell & Ness replica jersey.


Here's the back. It's his favorite player, Ted Williams.


And finally, here is a ball signed by Williams. For those who don't quite believe it's real, I have the certificate of authenticity and would gladly upload it.


In any case, there you go OTM, it might not be the most astounding collection of images you've ever seen, but I thought that it was pretty cool and hope that at least a few of you get a kick out of it. My dad was always extremely passionate about baseball whether he was playing or just watching and I like to think that this collection of items helps convey that passion for his favorite team.

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