Daily Red Sox Links: David Ortiz, Bryce Brentz, Angel Pagan

Lisa Blumenfeld

A collection of the best baseball-related and Red Sox writing on the internets today.

Somewhat surprisingly considering the reports over the last few week, but now it looks like David Ortiz is going to hit the free agent market on Saturday as it appears the Red Sox won't get the DH signed before then. Considering where the two sides are now, Rob Bradford doesn't think that it'll happen. (Rob Bradford; WEEI.com)

If Ortiz does hit the free agent market, you kinda have to wonder who other potential suitors might be. Ken Rosenthal thinks the Texas Rangers would be interested and he's probably right because he's Ken Rosenthal and Ken Rosenthal tends to know these things. (Ken Rosenthal; Fox Sports)

If you don't listen to the Baseball Prospectus daily podcast, Effectively Wild, you should. For one, it's free. For another, it's probably the best baseball podcast around. Today I had the honor of joining hosts Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller to talk about David Ortiz and the Red Sox. (Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller; Baseball Prospectus)

I've become a fan of Albie Jarvis and his no-nonsense style over at Red Sox Post. Today he looks at the reasons the Red Sox should re-sign Ortiz and discusses who the Red Sox should augment Ortiz with after they re-sign him. (Albie Jarvis; Red Sox Post)

Free agent to be and potential Red Sox target, at least if you believe the Armchair GM series, Angel Pagan won't be receiving a qualifying offer from his team, the San Francisco Giants, meaning it won't cost a first round pick to sign him. Actually, considering Boston's first round pick is protected, that fact may open up the market for Pagan and could therefore make it more difficult for the Red Sox to sign him instead of less. That is should they, you know, want to. (D.J. Short; Hardball Talk)

Over at BP (behind the paywall) Jason Wojciechowski digs into the oddity that are the Gold Glove awards with a funny and informative article. (Jason Wojciechowski; Baseball Prospectus)

Red Sox outfield prospect Bryce Brentz is getting his ABs in the Arizona Fall League. (Jim Gintonio; RedSox.com)

Looking back at the season had by Red Sox catching prospect Blake Swihart. (Will Woodward; Sox Prospects)

Ben Lindbergh has a story that you should read at BP. And it's free so why don't you? (Ben Lindbergh; Baseball Prospectus)

Has the National League surpassed the American League? Bill Parker argues no. (Bill Parker; Baseball Nation)

Jay Jaffe looks at the off-season outlooks for members of the American League West, which, of course will impact the Red Sox off-season. (Jay Jaffe; SI.com)

If you're the type that likes podcasts you probably know about Joe Posnanski's Poscast. He's brought it with him from SI to his current employer, Sports on Earth. In this, his latest episode, he talks with ESPN's Keith Law about the end of the baseball season and how the off season might go. (Joe Posnanski; Sports on Earth)

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