Av2459's Armchair GM

Okay everyone I'm new to this, but i thought it would be fun to play GM for a day.

So first things first, the Rotation: The Sox had a completely underwhelming season last year, and that is an understatement, and their rotation offered little bright spots. As of right now the rotation is:






My first move would be to call the Angels and take up their offer for Lackey, they want him i don not, get as much in return as you can with him, my guess is that it would be a low ceiling player in double A ball for him.

Second, don't be afraid to go out and sign someone big Zack Greinke 5yrs/$120 mil, He's pitched and proven himself in the AL, has won a Cy Young award, and has put his emotional problems behind him. He gives the Sox a true ace coming into the year and i believe it really won't hurt them to get him, he offers everything you want with a pitcher, movement, velocity and control.

Third, move Alfredo Aceves to the rotation, the guy is a nut job i know i watched him play last year but he talked to the front office and manager plenty of times last year and asked to be given a shot in the rotation, i believe if you give him one it will work out, the Sox love his arm and he has a superb 26-13 Win-Loss record, which doesn't mean much when talking about relief pitchers but it still means something.

Fourthly: Bring in Tim Lincecum, he is in the spiral of his career but he is amazing, he won 2 cy young awards but is getting really expensive for the Giants, A deal of Salalamacchia and Rubby DeLaRosa and a couple lower level prospects should get it done, the giants need offense and Salty gives them that, Lincecum if he gets back to his norm could be another Ace fighting for a spot atop the redsox rotation. But his 2yrs/40 mil is a lot but only if he doesn't perform up to standard i believe a scene change could do him well.

Lastly for the rotation sign a couple of low risk-high reward guys as usual, there are a whole bunch of starting pitchers ready to be signed by the Sox this off-season, give them 1 yr deals to build depth and battle for the starting rotation, two player's i would consider are Aaron Cook and Jonathan Sanchez. The Sox went down the Aaron Cook road last season and he gave them some pretty decent starts and good depth. Sanchez is a decent arm that played for a championship team last winter and that never hurts to have on your team. Each of those players should be had for about 1Yr/4 Mil.

The Bullpen was one of the strengths for this Sox team so i don't see the need for any drastic changes to it but it is always good to go out and sign players for depth guys like Mike Adams or J.P Howell could be good arms for the pen and could be had for cheap. Mike Adams 1yr/3 Mil. J.P 2yrs/4 Mil

The lineup- I'm already about 450 words in and I still haven't talked about the lineup, the offense for this Sox team was horrible compared to past lineups but that could be blamed on injury, or just the circumstance of the season they had, either way i don't think it needs another major overhaul just some tweaking.

First the Re-signing of David Ortiz was pivotal a great move by the Sox to keep a great player on their team and keep the heart of the team around for two more years, now i would show the same commitment to Cody Ross, he's been around for 1 year but he was a welcomed addition to the clubhouse and was one of the few bright spots for last season altogether, he revitalized his career in Fenway and i think he should be back for more, 3yrs/26 Mil.

Next I would swing a trade for Justin Upton the D'Backs look like they would like to get rid of him and i would gladly take him off their hands. He won't come cheap though but i think a package of some prospects and a major league player would get it done, now i like Ellsbury just as much as the next guy but he's injury prone and i don't think that he'll ever reduplicate the season he had two years ago, nor do i think he's going to be worth the price tag that is going to be asked of the Sox, so trade him now while his value is still high, i think a package of Ellsbury, Bryce Brentz, and a guy like Jose Iglesias could get it done. I know it's giving up a lot of high end prospects that people love and a player in Ellsbury that people love, but Justin Upton gives us a power hitting right fielder that is young (he's still only 25 and has hit 100 hrs) and cost controlled he only puts a 6yr/50 Mil hit on the luxury tax.

Center Field: I'm a Jackie Bradley believer so I don't want to get in the way of his coming up to the Sox anytime soon, I think signing Melky Cabrera to a 2 yr/ 5 Mil deal will build his value make him a free agent again by the age of 30 and i know the PED problem isn't a pretty thing to deal with but it won't hurt to have him on your team, especially with a strong manager like Farrell around, also Melky has played the bulk of his major league games at CF and owns a .989 Fld percentage there according to, so it isn't like he is unaccustomed to CF.

First Base: For first base i believe Mike Napoli would be a great fit, he's a strong power and contact hitter who hits amazingly well in Fenway. Not only can he play first base but he can catch and DH as well which makes him very valuable. I'd sign him for around 4yrs/50 Mil and call it a great investment.

Shortstop: I gave away Jose Iglesias because i don't think his bat is worth it but i do think that Xander Bogearts will be ready in a couple of years and i would keep his bat at short stop where he defends well but also hits great. So i would go ahead and sign injury prone Stephen Drew two a 2yr/20 Mil deal, before these past two seasons his lowest batting average was .261, he can get on base hit for minimal power and drive in some runs, if he plays like the Stephen Drew from the past i think this is definitely worth it and in two years when Bogearts is ready, he can walk away a free agent.

Depth: I'm a believer in bringing Jason Bay back for some outfield depth a 1yr/1mil contract won't hurt anyone and if he can play as well as he did when he was in Boston in 2009 then he could be a real joy to watch, he is also a great club house presence and a joy to have around according to the Mets. I think the rest of the depth can come from within the Sox organization.

My Final Roster looks like this


Zack Greinke- 5yrs/120 mil

Jon Lester

Clay Buchholz

Alfredo Aceves

Tim Lincecum 2yrs/40 mil


Andrew Bailey

Felix Doubront

Daniel Bard

Craig Breslow

Junichi Tazawa

Mike Adams-1yr/ 3mil

Aaron Cook-1yr/4 mil


1st: Mike Napoli 4yrs/50 mil

2nd: Dustin Pedroia

3rd: Will Middlebrooks

Shortstop: Stephen Drew 2yrs/20 Mil

Catcher: Ryan Lavarnway/David Ross

LF: Cody Ross 3yrs/26 mil

CF: Melky Cabrera 2yrs/5 mil

RF: Justin Upton 6yrs/50 mil


Daniel Nava

Ivan Dejesus

Jason Bay 1yr/1mil

Pedro Ciracio

David Ross

Thank you all for reading this i know it was really long, but if you took the time to read it all thank- Av2459.

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