Daniel Nava To Undergo Wrist Surgery

Bob DeChiara-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Red Sox outfielder Daniel Nava dealt with wrist problems most of the year, but will undergo surgery to correct them.

It's no secret that Daniel Nava's wrist has been problematic. He played through pain for a considerable time in the middle of the season -- who, exactly, was going to replace him in the lineup at that point? -- and it dropped his numbers down from what had been the high point of his big-league career. When he came back from the disabled list, he was almost immediately placed back on it, and came off again in September, when rosters expanded. He's still not 100 percent, though, and will undergo wrist surgery to remove a ganglion cyst from the area.

Treatments for ganglion cysts range from the original route the Sox and Nava took -- don't do anything about it other than rest the area -- to having it excised or surgically removed. These days, they are arthroscopically removed. There is a chance of recurrence, but it's either attempt to take it out, or just leave it there and hope it goes away. One of those methods guarantees a cyst will be there for a time.

In something of a disturbing history for ganglion cysts, they were referred to as "Bible cysts" back in the day. No, no, they weren't described in the Book of Revelation as a sign of the end of days or anything, but instead, Bibles were often used to smash the hell right out of the cyst, causing it to rupture and drain. Of course, the fluids within the cyst then drained into the surrounding tissues, so it wasn't the cleanest of methods. Also, you had to be smacked with a Bible, which is a pretty hefty tome. Just not an enjoyable situation in any way.

We're under the assumption Nava is going to a doctor with medical instruments that do not include cyst-smashing Bibles, and because of that, this procedure won't interfere too much with his off-season or his status for next year. Unless there's a re-occurrence, anyway.

Nava hit .243/.354/.388 on the season, and was actually well above-average in left field, where he posted a 111 split-adjusted OPS+. His playing time elsewhere -- right field, designated hitter, as a pinch-hitter -- all resulted in far less promising work. But if Nava could repeat the .261/.369/.420 line with solid defense in left again in 2012, should he be needed there, that would actually represent a well above-average campaign. Having this cyst removed could go a long way towards that goal.

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