Daily Red Sox Links: DeMarlo Hale, Brad Ausmus, Alex Rodriguez


The best in baseball writing on the internet, today's edition features articles on the Red Sox managerial search, Alex Rodriguez, and the Yankees ALCS failure.

The Red Sox interviewed Brad Ausmus. It was exciting. (Tim Britton; The Providence Journal)

If readers of the New York Daily News ran the Yankees they'd never win anything ever again. (Sam Miller; Baseball Prospectus)

DeMarlo Hale is next on the interview train, but I'm not sure why. Isn't this just a holding pattern for John Farrell anyway? Why waste these guys time when you love another? (Tim Britton; The Providence Journal)

There are no Red Sox on the list of the most untradeable players in baseball! Seriously! Look! (Ben Lindbergh; Baseball Prospectus)

Many people hate Joe Buck. Me, I'm kinda indifferent. He's not my favorite, he's not the worst, somewhere in between. According to the headline, Will Leitch thinks he's the greatest, though the article is a bit more nuanced than that. If it weren't I probably wouldn't be linking to it. (Will Leitch; Sports on Earth)

Should the Yankees trade Alex Rodriguez? Sure! Why not? Matthew Pouliot says no though. Come on, Matthew! Have some fun! What a killjoy. (Matthew Pouliot; Hardball Talk)

Looking backwards and forwards at Travis Shaw and Mauro Gomez. (Elizabeth Dreeson; Sox Prospects)

Remember last year's trade of Marco Scutaro to the Colorado Rockies? Scutaro is still in the playoffs with the Giants, so I guess he got the last laugh. Or did he? I don't know! Alex Speier does. (Alex Speier; WEEI.com)

The Yankees are dead! [bells ring] The Yankees are dead! Here's a healthy dose of schadenfreude for you. (Allan; Joy of Sox)

Five outfielders who you might find in a Red Sox uniform next season. (Albie Jarvis; Red Sox Post)

The Yankees were right to pinch-hit for A-Rod, so says the genius who is Jeff Sullivan. And he should know. Because he's Jeff Sullivan who is a genius. For the record, I seriously think Jeff Sullivan is a genius. I'm not joking. (Jeff Sullivan; Fan Graphs)

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