Why am I a Red Sox fan?

This is my first post. I have enjoyed reading Over the Monster for quite some time, but I finally figured I might have something to say.

I became a Red Sox fan in October of 1986. It was my first year in Boston, and I was completely swept away by the ALCS and World Series that year. If you recall, when the Tigers won the World Series in 1984, there were images of burning cars all over Detroit, so I had no idea what would happen in Boston.

When the Sox won the pennant in 1986, the goal was, apparently, to hang a pair of red socks from every light post in Kenmore Square. Obviously, Sox fans are more dignified! (Of course we'll overlook the bums trying to overturn the Pizza Pad delivery truck)!

I grew up in north Jersey, so for the majority of my youth, I made the mistake of rooting for the local teams, the Yankees and the Mets. (I know…BOO…HISS…I deserve that.) But after seeing a few games at Fenway (I believe it was only 6 bucks for a bleacher seat back then), I was completely taken away by the Green Monster, and the storied history of the Red Sox. How many college classes were missed if the Sox were in town? Answer = every one of them!

In the 2003 season, I had a chance to visit Boston (and of course the Green Monster), and after the game, I purchased a cheap $5 t-shirt that said "Reverse the Curse", with "Babe, Bucky, Buckner" on the back. I was the only one still awake in the house during the night of the fateful ALDS game with Boone’s homer. (My wife is now, as rabid about the Red Sox as I am). Right before the homer, I remember, in my drunken state, thinking “OH HELL, his name starts with B too! NOOOOOOOOO!!!” I had considered taking a magic marker and adding ‘Boone’ to the t-shirt, but I burned it in the campfire instead.

Happily, my rabid fandom has been more than repaid, with ’04 and ’07 titles. I have just moved to Fort Myers, and my current obsession is to see the Sox in spring training, complete with the Southern Green Monster.

I realize that a lot of you are frustrated about the recent turnover/changes in the Red Sox system, i.e., Theo/Ben, Lowrie, Scutaro, OMG sign a f-ing pitcher already, etc. However, we have actually been spoiled for quite some time now. The Sox have fielded a very competitive team over the last decade, and that’s a lot to be thankful for. And I still believe that they will compete this year.

We still have Gonzo, Pedey, YOOOOOUUUK, Els, Papi, and a few others. Most teams would gladly have that as their core.

Well…thanks for letting me ramble! I look forward to seeing what the Sox are going to do, and what you guys are going to have to say about it!

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