A Thank You, an apology, a look back, a step forward.

First of all, let me start by saying I am irate we missed the playoffs, I believe we had a chance the whole time. But this is what happens when your team doesn't play like a team.

But enough on that topic for now. I want to thank everyone here at Over The Monster for a great first season here on SB Nation's premier Red Sox fan Blog. We may not have made the playoffs, or lived up to ridiculous expectations, but as a fan, I've never had a more fun season cheering for a team. You guys made this season special. Not the Red Sox, or their season.

I also want to apologize if I have offended anyone over the past season. We are Red Sox Fans, we get into fights occasionally. That's what is so great about our diverse fan base. We are diverse in every meaning of the word. From coast to coast, and in Hawaii, over seas in countries not named the US of A. You guys make this place great.

Now to get to the nitty gritty.

2011. Otherwise known as "The Year We Just Fell Apart."

I won't be focusing on this much, because I don't want to focus on negativity. I want to go out on a positive note, and I want to feel like this season wasn't a total loss. We just blew it. There's no other way to put it. Blame the 2-10 start, blame this horrible September we had. Whatever you want to blame it, we just were not as good over 162 games as we thought we were. It's not the end though. Maybe our season is over, yes, but the chance to learn from it is there.

First thing is first, you can never have enough pitching. Going into the season, many thought we had this strong rotation that could be one of the best in the American League. As the season wore on though, we lost so much depth. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I began to MISS Daisuke Matsuzaka in the past month. Maybe he could have been the difference, and we wouldn't have needed to start Weiland.

Second of all, this team has a long ways to go. As a team. Jacoby Ellsbury is not the entire Boston Red Sox. Neither is Dustin Pedroia. We can't rely on Gonzo and Youk all the time either. As a whole, this team needs to learn what days to pick up the slack of others, and to save a little for tomorrow.

That's enough about 2011. Let's look forward.

Next season, you can bet this team will be starving. This is two years in a row we have missed the playoffs. Two years in a row of humiliation. Red Sox fans will let the front office know... this is not good enough. It isn't. The front office knows. From top down, I think they are all disappointed. Maybe we could see a complete retooling and changing of the guard in full effect. Theo could leave us for Chicago. I hope he doesn't. Don't know how you all feel about that, but I don't want to see him leave us hanging like this.

2012 looks bright for us.

Everyone will be back (sans Dice-K), and everyone will be re-energized. Crawford, Gonzo, Youk, Salty... top down, this team will have more to play for next year. Kalish and Reddick? Could develop into a battle where we have to relegate one to another team if both are that talented. It's a good problem to have. Youth is catching up to this team. Soon, the young guys will be the vets, and they will get to carry a new future.

Again, I'm sorry if I am offending anyone. I know how us Red Sox fans feel right now. I know we want to take out our disappointment on anything and everything. This is my way of doing it.

Thank you everyone, for taking the time to read my thoughts, and for making this foul tasting season, ironically the best I've ever had as a fan. You guys are awesome, and give me reason to smile when a game got us down. I look forward to sharing an amazing 2012 with you.

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