OTM FB Varitek Week 18 & 19 Update: just one week at a time sort of

Good Wednesday too all. This is the Springfield Sioux giving you all your Fantasy Baseball needs in a little ity bity blog. After a long roller coaster ride of a day night double header, I feel drained. I know these are the dog days of summer an players should feel the heat. It could be that I was covering for my boss last week and my workload easily doubled. He is back and for now so am I.

With only 4 week left to the playoffs I am slogging through my toughest part of my schedule. I am glad it came it this juncture in the season to prepare for the playoffs. Below is week 18 summery of the scores. Upchuck squeaked out a win against me by 30 points. The Swanz had the blowout of the week with it's 83 point margin. Upset of the week is LC going down to BC USG (mouth agape) this also holds the title as nail biter of the week as well. 

  Springfield Sioux 428.17 Final
upCHUCK on you 458.83

The Swanz Sox 434.33 Final
Donald's Ducks 351.50

BC USG 395.33 Final
LC 373.50

Bloggy By Nature 314.17 Final
The Laser Show 347.50

Davey and the Giants 351.83 Final
TLD's Argyle Sox 313.67

Dustins #1 Fan 318.33 Final
Mustangs 2011 364.33

Week 19: QUACK QUACK. The Ducks had there biggest win margin of the season this week. Without doing any research I believe this is the biggest blowout of the season by almost 300 points. Dusitn#1fan had the nail bitter of the week with a win with a minor margin of 6.67 points.I was able to hold off the Swanz for a win going 1-1 against the top 3 teams with LC on the burner this week. Below is the #'s for those whom need them.

Springfield Sioux 452.50 Final
The Swanz Sox 373.00

BC USG 251.50 Final
Dustins #1 Fan 258.17

LC 351.67 Final
Mustangs 2011 338.17

Bloggy By Nature 181.50 Final
Donald's Ducks 468.83

The Laser Show 295.33 Final
TLD's Argyle Sox 253.50

Davey and the Giants 399.67 Final
upCHUCK on you 448.17

Here is the standings for the playoffs(enter jim mora quote here) at the beginning of week 20

1) UpChuck                  17-2

2) LC                              16-3

3) The Swanz               14-5

4) Sioux                         13-6

5) Davey & the giants 10-9

6) TLD Argyle                9-10

The other 6 team are mathematically eliminated from playoff consideration. If we were doing a 6 team playoff 10 out of 12 would still be in the hunt. For fun and fantasy purposes I always recommend that you have a playoff with half of your total team count. Just too keep interest in the league until the last couple of weeks. No one wants to be Marlins

Ok so were back up to snuff with the update stuff. Now for some fun POLL TIME!!!!

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