Top 20 Red Sox Prospects

Welcome to my first instalment of Red Sox top twenty prospects. This will look at the top twenty prospects in the Boston Red Sox system, along with an MLB comparison. Here we go!

1 Anthony Raunado SP 21 yrs old 6'7, 230 lbs

MLB Comp- Josh Beckett: Raunado has a plus curveball like Beckett and his stamina level is about the same. His fastball is not at the same velocity yet at 92-93 but it should raise as he gets older.

2 Ryan Kalish OF 23 yrs old 6, 215 lbs

MLB Comp- Trot Nixon: Kalish has a sturdy build that should build up more power. He is fearless in the outfield and a good fielder with a very strong arm. He is a solid player at the plate with a good eye and terrific speed on the bases.

3 Josh Reddick OF 24 yrs old 6'2 180 lbs

MLB Comp- Nick Markakis: Reddick does not have the eye Markakis does, and that made me hesitate with this comparison. But he certainly has the power, maybe more so, and he has the terrific arm and projects as a RF.

4 Will Middlebrooks 3B 22 yrs old 6'4 200 lbs

MLB Comp- Scott Rolen: Middlebrooks has a quick bat and projects to have plus power at the MLB level. He strikes out often and sometimes has trouble on the inner half of the plate. Stellar fielder.

5 Yamaico Navarro 3B 23 yrs old 5'11 195 lbs

MLB Comp- Juan Uribe: Navarro has the ability to play shortstop but lacks the long term rage there. He has a terrific arm and I can see him as a 3B long term. He has plus power for a middle infielder and really fits third base a lot better.

6 Jose Iglesias SS 21 yrs old 5'11 175 lbs

MLB Comp- Omar Vizquel- Vizquel could probably hit better. Iglesias projects probably better as Luis Mendoza with his lack of hitting ability. The only reason he is a top prospect is his terrific glove.

7 Kyle Weiland SP 24 yrs old 6'4 195 lbs

MLB Comp- Clay Buchholz: Weiland relys on offspeed pitches like his curveball and changeup and keeps his pitches low in the zone. Weiland has a lot of late life on his fastball and he varies with a four and two seamers.

8 Ryan Lavarnway C 23 yrs old 6'4 225 lbs

MLB Comp- Mike Napoli: Lavarnway has a lot of struggles behind the plate. He has a decent arm but is not very good at blocking balls. As a hitter he might have more power than Napoli but Napoli seems to have more raw hitting ability.

9 Bryce Brentz OF 22 yrs old 6'1 195

MLB Comp- Jose Guillen: Brentz has an unlimited power ceiling and is very aggressive. He wants to get his bat on the ball and can hit the ball to all fields. He has incredibly fast hands.

10 Felix Doubront SP 23 yrs old 6'3 225 lbs

MLB Comp- Jo Jo Reyes: Excellent control and downward motion. A fastball around 94 mph and a very solid changeup. His curveball could use some work but he some serious plus pitches.

11 Alex Hassan OF 23 yrs old 6'4 200 lbs

MLB Comp- Kevin Youkilis: This is not as much as a fielding comparison, obviously, as hitting. He grinds out at bats and has a terrific eye at the plate. Youkilis hits for more power than Hassan is projected but Youkilis was also not projected as a power hitter.

12 Drake Britton SP 22 yrs old 6'2 200 lbs

MLB Comp- Jon Lester: Britton is a hard throwing left hander with some good off speed pitches. His curve ball is his most promising pitch and he also has a plus changeup.

13 Stolmy Pimentel SP 21 yrs old 6'4 206

MLB Comp- Fausto Carmona: Pimentel's best two pitches are his fastball and changeup. He has a pretty good curveball too but he relies on those other two pitches. He is very inconsistent and sometimes looks like an ace, and at other times he looks like John Lackey.

14 Alex Wilson SP 24 yrs old 6'1 215 lbs

MLB Comp- Andrew Bailey: Wilson projects as a bullpen pitcher even though he has been in a starting role for over a year. He has a good fastball with a very good, tight curving slider.

15 Tim Fedrowicz C 23 yrs old 5'11 200 lbs

MLB Comp- John Buck: Fedrowicz is a solid defensive catcher with good offensive ability. Sometimes he will chase some bad pitches, expecially pitches low. Sometimes struggles with throws down to second.

16 Kolbrin Vitek 3B 22 yrs old 6'2 195

MLB Comp- Alexi Ramirez: Not a lot of present power but a decent ceiling. He is projected to have a good average in the majors. Very quick wrists. Shaky defense at third base, could move to center field.

17 Brandon Jacobs OF 20 yrs old 6'1 225 lbs

MLB Comp- Franklin Guetierez: Jacobs has a lot of present power and a very good ceiling. Terrific fielder with good speed. Good arm. Very strong and quick hands and he uses his lower body well.

18 Sean Coyle 2B 19 yrs old 5'8 175 lbs

MLB Comp- Dustin Pedroia: This is the perfect comparison. Coyle is a small second baseball with a lot of fire and passion and terrific hitting ability. Very quick hands and projects to have more power than his frame would indicate.

19 Che-Hsuan Lin OF 22 yrs old 6 180 lbs

MLB Comp- So Taguchi: Lin can do two things. Walk, and field. He is an exceptional fielder with tremendous range and an awesome arm. He also has an amazing eye at the plate. He has no present power nor any ceiling in that field.

20 Xander Boegarts SS 18 yrs old 6'3 175 lbs

MLB Comp- Orlando Cabrera: Above average home run potential for a middle infield

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