My Very First Red Sox Experience

Being an out-of-town Sox fan, I rarely get to watch my beloved Boston Red Sox play on national television. I had never seen the BoSox play before Saturday.

I live in Louisville, Kentucky. So, there is little interest in baseball, mostly college football and basketball. There are quite a few baseball fans though, and it's Reds country out there. When I saw that the Sox were going to be playing at the White Sox in July, not August or September, I was thrilled (other than the six hour drive). But my God, the drive was worth it. My dad and I drove up to to U.S. Cellular Field with my die hard ChiSox fan cousins.

We got to the game at about 5:30 EST, so I was able to watch batting practice and all. This is where the fun began. After going to left center to try to catch a homerun ball, I decided to go down the line. That is where Salty gifted me with a ball. It was a slow roller down the third base line that I reached over and caught. I am forever in his debt. Naturally I was like ZOMG this is awesome, but I realized that I had to make sure that I got autographs. So I went behind the plate and tried to no avail to get SOMEONE to sign my ball. I got *this* close to a Pedey signature, but alas. Tito did come out a bit later and was very courtious and signed about the entire mob's stuff. So, a good start to the day. I was also exposed to the greatest delicasy known to mankind- a brat with saurkraut.

Our seats were great, about a row from the back of the lower bowl down the third base line. I watched through the first four innings and was thinking, "Jesus, could this game get any more boring? Or should we have Morel play defense for every position." That is until the fifth. With Carl Crawford on first, I used my super telekinesis powers to tell Jarrod Saltalamachia that if he got a big hit here, then OTM wouldn't hate him any longer. It worked, with Salty lifting one into the alley, and giving us a 1-0 lead. A few hits, fielding mistakes, and one taco salad in a baseball helmet later, the Sox were up 4-0. I then watched Lester dominate the White Sox outside of one pitch to Konerko. I was a bit disappointed with the middle of the order that I had so desperately wanted to see. We left in the eighth, and did not get to witness Gonzo and Youk's back to back jacks. But, a great day regardless.

I got the following things checked off of my to-do list:
Catch an MLB baseball
Get a signature from a Red Sox player/ Manager
Participate in the Yoooooouuuuuuuuuuk cheer
Watch an MLB batting practiced ( I didn't know that every single ball that they used was brand new)
Eat a hotdog with saurkraut
Watch a Boston Red Sox game
See a Red Sox win in person

Great day, right?

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