Complimentary Explanation of Fanhood- Part 3432

Well, I figure since everyone else is having fun....

I'm not your favorite member of OTM, I'm not the oldest, I'm not the wisest, or anything else. I am however a Red Sox fan.

My fanhood began in 2003. When I was about 10 years old (going on 11 in August), I was an avid game player. I played all kinds of video games, I owned a playstation, a nintendo, a couple handhelds. I wasn't spoiled, but I wasn't without.

I went over to a friends house and played a baseball game, and that planted the seed to my love of the game. The animation was choppy, the physics were unrealistic, and the players had cool names. The play style was still sort of broken looking back, but that didn't stop me. I longed to see more, play more. I even went out and bought a copy of it myself.

I brought a copy home, and my step father walked in. He noticed I was playing a game like always and rolled his eyes in my direction, he never liked me playing games. Then his curiosity got the best of him and he looked at the screen. He noticed it was baseball. He liked that I was taking an interest in sports.

From that point on, I was a Red Sox fan. He showed me what real baseball looked like on a big TV, and I watched in wonder as my favorite players (Pedro most of all) took the field and played the competition well.

2003 was my first season as a Red Sox fan, and little did I know, at the end, I would experience a little of the heartbreak that so many Red Sox fans had felt prior.

Aaron ****ing Boone.

Those words passed my lips at the young age of 11.

That was my first time uttering the F Bomb, and it certainly wasn't the last.

I got to experience winning the next season, in 2004. I got to experience what is possibly the best single season for any team, ever. And it was only my second season.

I wish I could have been a fan since birth, I would have felt more gratified in seeing them win. Too often I hear kid Yankees fans saying things like, "Well we got more", "Bambino", and all these other things that didn't matter to me. It was in the past. What matters is the present. No matter how good a team was 40,50,80 years ago doesn't factor into how good a team they are presently.

Later on, I got my first beating in history. I understood why it was important. I understood why Red Sox fans hated the Yankees.

From that moment, I was a Red Sox fan till death.

From that moment I knew that I had chosen a side.

A little over half a decade later I do not regret it.

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