Morning Sox Stuffers 4/18/2011: On Carl Crawford, A Slumper And A Gentleman

BOSTON, MA - APRIL 16, 2011: Carl Crawford #13 of the Boston Red Sox, who did not start in the outfield, walks to the dugout after a 4-1 win against the Toronto Blue Jays at Fenway Park April 16, 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Back In Boston

Crawford Diary: Only going to get better -- Carl Crawford, ESPN

Nobody seems to be more reviled around these parts right now than Carl Crawford, and I kind of hate it. 

Is he struggling at the plate? Yes. Everyone does at some point or another for whatever period of time, and it's fair to be frustrated, but at the same time Crawford has done just about everything off the field that you would usually expect to result in, well, a fan favorite.

Magadan Chimes In on Crawford -- Brian MacPherson, Providence Journal

Of course, the stuff on the field is real, which leads to everyone having an opinion as to what's wrong, as for me...

Carl Crawford's BABIP In Graph Form -- @RedSoxStats

I point to this. Has he looked bad? Yes, but bad luck sort of tends to feed itself as guys start pressing. Once he finds his stride, Crawford will be quite the contributer. Now, moving on to another great guy whose contract people complain (rightfully) about...

Mike Lowell adjusting well to life after baseball -- David Villavicencio, Fox Sports Florida

Lester Happy To Finally Start Strong -- Alex Speier, WEEI

Boston Red Sox extension for Adrian Gonzalez makes sense -- Jon Paul Morosi, Fox Sports

How Josh Beckett got his groove back - Rob Bradford, WEEI

When in trouble, Francona calls on Bard - Tim Britton, Providence Journal

While it's not quite the roaming closer situation many around these parts support, it's close to that. I just hope Tito won't hesitate to bring Bard into the game in the fifth or sixth if the situation calls for it.

Of course, ironically enough, through the first few games of the season it's actually Jonathan Papelbon who should be putting out all the fires.

Terry Francona: Lowrie too hot to sit -- Alex Speier, WEEI

Around The AL East

Red Sox 8, Blue Jays 1 (The view from the other side) -- Tom Dakers, Bluebird Banter

Yankees 6, Rangers 5 -- Brandon C., Pinstripe Alley

Phil Hughes Admits To "Dead Arm" -- Frankie Camp, Pinstripe Alley

I wish John Lackey would admit to the same, if only to give me the hope--even if for just a few days--that it was true.

Twins 4, Rays 2 -- CBJones, DRaysBay

Indians 4, Orioles 2 -- Andrew G., Camden Chat

The O's have earned their way to six straight losses -- Steve Melewski, MASN

And so things slowly return to normal.


MLB In General

Is Youth Baseball Dying In America? - Rob Neyer, Baseball Nation

What Two Weeks Can Do To Your ZiPS Projection - Satchel Price, Beyond the Box Score

For those wondering, Carl Crawford is projected to end up with a .779 OPS now.

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