A Sox-Cubs trade that just makes sense

Quite a few Sox fans are hoping for a trade of Jacoby Ellsbury, namely for a Catcher.  Salty hasn't proven anything, and he appears to be struggling to call a game.  A combination of this trade, Iglesias in the minors, and Jedi breaking out is causing a shakeup in the future of the Boston Red Sox.  Here is a trade scenarios that seems possible to help the sox solidify a catcher for the future, as Expo can't hit, and Lavarnway doesn't seem like a true catcher

Trade: Jacoby Ellsbury + Yamaico Navarro + Oscar Tejeda for Geovany Soto + Marlon Byrd

This trade seems like a Win-Win.  The Cubs have a pretty shallow pool of OF talent in their organization other than Brett Jackson.  The Cubs are pretty high on him as the 2012 starting CF.  Past that, it doesn't look good for them.  Fukudome will be gone, Byrd isn't getting any younger, and the Cubs seem about halfway between contending and rebuilding.  Adding a young OF who may very well just need the right situation to thrive makes sense.  The Cubs have Starlin Castro, who is very young and very talented.  But the rest of their infield is old and less-productive.  Aramis Ramirez will likely be leaving, the Carlos Pena situation is up in the air, and Blake DeWitt doesn't appear to be a long term answer.  After trading Hak-Ju Lee, the Cubs have almost no help in the minors (longterm) for their infield.  Navarro is very well rounded, and could start at 3B or 2B, and Tejeda's upside has to be appealing for the Cubs.

The Sox finally get a longterm catcher (assuming we give him a modest extension).  The future, therefore, is pretty set for the Sox.  They lose Tejeda and Navarro, but they were unlikely to have a longterm spot on the team anyway.  Lowrie is looking more and more like a 3B for the future and SS for the present until Iglesias is ready.  Tejeda has always been a favorite of mine, but Coyle is looking good and we have the best 2B in the game. Byrd gives the Sox a CF/RF in 2011/12 (Kalish takes the other), so then the Sox could decide whether Reddick, Lin, or just a FA as the RF or CF in 2013 and beyond 

The 2011 Sox lineup would look like:

Crawford-Pedey-Gonzalez-Youk-Ortiz-Lowrie-Soto-Byrd-Drew, assuming the Sox give Kalish a full year in AAA.  Bench- Cam, Mac, Scoot, Tek (Salty to AAA)

2012 (Lineup spots less important)

Crawford-Pedey-Gonzalez-Youk-Lowrie-Kalish-Soto-Byrd-Iglesias.  Bench-Nava, Scoot (or FA), OF FA, Salty

2013  (Lineup Spots irrelevant)

LF-Crawford, CF-Kalish, RF-Reddick/Lin/FA, 3B-Lowrie, SS-Iglesias, 2B-Pedey, 1B-Gonzalez, C-Soto.  Bench: Salty, Nava, an FA utility, an FA outfielder or Lin/Reddick

Bottom Line:  This trade seems to be about fair in value, and the players seem to match up well.  Another Option is keeping Navarro as a utility and giving up Lars instead. 

I think the trade makes sense, but please give me your opinions:

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