29 Trades for 29 Teams: Cubs

I'm going to chose to trade with the Cubs. Which is a little bit of a cop out because it's a 100% certainty that a transaction is made with the Cubs between now and the end of the world. Of course I'm talking about Theo Epstein who we've already made half a trade with, the Cubs got him. We haven't gotten anything in return, yet.

Of course no set of GM and team president is as familiar with our system as Jed and Theo are, heck, they may be more familiar with it than our current regime, so it isn't outlandish to believe they may be our best trading partners in baseball going forward, in the same way that we only let Jed Hoyer go to San Diego in the first place so we could get Adrian Gonzalez. (speculation).

In this spirit I believe that we let Theo go to Chicago for the sole purpose of bringing us Matt Garza, who is rumored to be available.

Red Sox get: Matt Garza

Cubs get: Pres Theo Epstein, 1B/3B Kevin Youkilis, RHP Brandon Workman, OF Henry Ramos

Why the Sox would do this: Well we HAVE to receive something from them for one, also we NEED starting pitching. Garza is good, AL East experienced, and with two years of control left, albeit not cheap control because of the aforementioned good. Youkilis is getting a little older and hasn't seen the field as much as any of us may like. Between Punto and Aviles they can form one adequate 3B (Punto has a good UZR there over after 292 games of experience) while we figure out what Middlebrooks is going to be.

Why the Cubs would do this: Well they HAVE to give something for Theo for one, they also need a first or third baseman, which is where Youkilis comes in. Getting him would eliminate their need for an expensive Fielder, who's better suited for an AL team with an eventual opening at DH anyway. Youk may hold up better at 1B, if he plays more time there he's way more valuable than his contract. Workman gives them a guy who looks like he may develop into a work horse, not an ace, but someone who is going to eat a lot of innings for you with decent results, he would slip well into the top of their organization. In Ramos they may get the heir apparent to Soriano in left field or a flop, he's a high ceiling sort of prospect. They also get someone they already have in Theo Epstein.

So please sound off on this. Does it make sense, or does it further confirm your fears that I'm just insane, either because it's way too much, or way too little?

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