Survival Guide: How to survive the 2011 offseason

After the complete collapse by the Red Sox in September, we have become the laughing stock for teams in and out of the offseason. Having spent 160+ Million dollars this year, we are the premier target this offseason. Hopefully this guide may help you survive, and enjoy the offseason to some extent. 


1. Avoid watching the Playoffs

This one is pretty self explanatory. Don't torture yourself by watching teams like the Yankees and Rays compete for the World Series. Statistically there is more than a 25% chance that one of them will win. Watching the playoffs will only make you sigh and wish your team was there too.

2. Avoid the media 

A lot of the professional media will be looking to jump on the Red Sox and talk about the collapse, as they should because they are the largest story yet. The un-professional media and websites, will display a lot of hate, especially in the comment sections. Here is a short list on what sites are safe to visit, and which are likely going to harm you. Try and program your Parental Control to avoid un-safe sites. 

  • Avoid: 
  • Avoid at all costs:
  • Try to avoid:
  • Try to avoid:
  • Safe for the stories, mostly not the comments:
  • Safe:
  • Mostly safe: any SB Nation blog for Boston teams (Celtics, Bruins, Pats)
  • Safe:

In a nutshell: Avoid rival blogs, professional media, or anything that is not a Red Sox based community. 

3. Find refuge

Find fans that went through similar situations. Braves and Mets fans for example. 

4. Always be friendly to other fans

When you are friendly to other fans, it lowers the likeliness of them picking on you for the Red Sox collapse. 

5. Approach the offseason optimistic and realistic

The team is actually really good. Never forget that, but also, don't think we are bulletproof and consider injuries, depth and under-performances when making the, always fun, offseason moves speculations. 

6. Don't be afraid of going to events

You probably haven't gone to many events in the past 6 months because you were busy watching the Red Sox, so this is your time to be social and spend some time with friends and family. 

7. Don't think about April that often

The thought of six long months ahead can be demoralizing. Take it one step at a time. Look forward to Thanksgiving, then the Holidays, New Years, Super Bowl, Truck Day, Pre-season, and finally the regular season. 

8. Remain loyal

Not only to the team, but to the fan base. We have enough enemies already, this is a time for all of us to unite. 

9. Find a hobby or watch movies, TV Shows or do whatever entertains you the most, aside from baseball

10. Don't forget your Red Sox hat

Keep your chin up. The Red Sox were still 90-72, better than 22 of the teams, and more good baseball is yet to come. 

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