Predicting the Minors: Pawtucket

With all the acquisitions for the Big club, many of the posts here have been about Boston's lineup. But let's take this a step further, and predict what some of the Minor League lineups and rosters should look like going into the season.




Kyle Weiland

Stephen Fife

Brandon Duckworth

Kris Johnson

Adam Mills

Analysis: Most of these guys should not be in the majors this season, with Bowden, Coello, and Miller in the bullpen being better options. Weiland and Fife are the only guys here I would consider prospects, and I'm not too high on Fife. I like Weiland a lot, but maybe he could be some sort of a trade chip in the future.


1B Lars Anderson: Anderson will likely not be up this season with all the 1B options on the roster. Even if someone like Adrian Gonzalez went down, Youkilis could play first and move Jed Lowrie to 3B. So unless it is a September call-up, do not expect him up this season.

C Luis Expositio: Expostio has a chance of being called up later into the season if Jarrod Saltalamacchia struggles, or if Jason Varitek does. Expositio is a solid defensive catcher, and that is what will get him into the majors at some point. He has power potential, but has a tendency to swing and miss as well.

2B Nate Spears: Spears is a guy who had a surprise season in Portland, and got himself promoted to Pawtucket for next season. He will likely not be up unless there is an absolute emergency.

3B Hector Luna/Brent Dlugach: Luna will probably be their first guy called up with an infield emergency, a la Gil Velazquez. Dlugach could be that guy too, but Luna is probably a better option.

SS Yamico Navarro: Navarro didn;t hit so good last season in the MLB, and probably shouldn't have been there. I tend to think they want another season of him in the minors.

DH Max Ramirez/Aaron Bates: Ramirez will likely get the DH position with the more upside, but Bates probably has a shot at it if things go his way in spring training. He likely will not see outfield time this season with Bell projected to be the fourth outfield, so DH is probably his only chance of making the roster. On the other hand, Ramirez is a guy the Red Sox have wanted for a while and DH seems to be his calling with the stick he carries.

OF Daniel Nava: Nava could actually make the roster as a fifth outfielder if Cameron or McDonald were to be moved, but Nava seems to fit in Pawtucket for the moment as a non-prospect.

OF Ryan Kalish: Kalish was impressive in his time with Boston, but he needs some more seasoning in AAA and really just more playing time, with him expected to take over in RF when JD Drew leaves.

OF Josh Reddick: Reddick is a guy I am in between on. I like his killset but he never really seems to progress. He takes a step back, and then later on forward, which is like not taking one at all. He's young, so if he can get his act together he can still be a good player.



Mark Wagner: Wagner's upside is pretty much gone now and he will become Dusty Brown.

Jorge Jimenez: Jimenez is a guy that can play most of the infield, so he got that going for him, but he will take a back seat for the kids that have progressed.

Bubba Bell: Bell never seems able to take that last step. He is  guy who is a very good AAA player, and had never had a shot in the big leagues. He has all the tools, but he has to put them together and stay healthy to have a shot.



Andrew Miller: We've heard about him enough.

Micheal Bowden; Non-prospects

Blake Maxwell: Maxwell is a guy I followed in Portland last season, in which he had a sub-three ERA. He is a guy that got some interest in the Rule 5 draft, so keep your eyes on him.

Robert Coello: Meh. Non-prospect at best.

Rich Hill: Hill might be able to help the big club's bullpen in Miller/Doubront fall on their face.

Lenny Dinardo: I don' know why they signed this guy.

Jason Rice: Rice is someone who may have a shot at Boston during spring training.

TJ Large: Not really a prospect, just someone I have liked over the years. Probably will not make the roster.

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