Low Hanging Fruit on the Diamondbacks - feel free to add other teams who are sellers

I am not willing to concede this year yet...I am still hoping to see the 2010 MASH unit come in and surge down the stretch. However, if Theo and Company were to decide that this year is over then I would think we are looking at some potential big moves to set the roster for 2011 and beyond. The three positions of Catcher, 3rd base and DH are all wide open for 2011 - not to mention CF and/or  LF as a possibility. That, coupled with the fact that the Sox last WS appearance was 2007 would not surprise me if the Front Office cut bait instead of fished. I almost wonder if a move like the 2006 season would set the tone for 2011? The D-backs come to mind as they are under scrutiny and have some low hanging fruit should they decide to shake up their team.

The Diamondbacks are clearly sellers and every player is under review by Kirk Gibson and the Front Office. So, I imagine they would entertain multiple offers to improve. My big question is do the Sox have players Arizona would be interested in past Ellsbury who seems to enjoy the desert sun? Or, would the D-backs asking price be too high? The 'chemistry' of theD-backs is not there and some young guys will probably get dealt to restructure their team. They have some decent players who have put it together and some who have not put it all together. Plus, their bullpen sucks out loud. The result is two 100 loss seasons and a disgruntled fanbase so change is afoot. Some trade possibilties for the Sox (all these guys are young and have a few years experience and are reasonably priced..which makes me wonder why the D-backs really are so bad, why the core has not produced or why they would jettison the team)

All the players below are all attractive - the question is are they untouchable or would the Sox  be interested??

Catcher: Miguel Montero

2B Kelly Johnson (not saying Sox would need him or D-backs would let him go just showing a piece of their tree)

SS: Stephen Drew

3B: Mark Reynolds

OF: Justin Upton

CF: Chris Young


Dan Haren

Edwin Jackson

Brandon Webb (DL)

When I look at the potential I scratch my head and wonder if they just need a bullpen, 1 more starter and a few new coaches to works with these guys? Any thoughts? Do they shred the core and start new or try one more season? Again, low hanging fruit if they decide they need a major overhaul...

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