Youk ties Rice for 2nd place on Red Sox career HBP list

Yesterday, Kevin Youkilis took an HBP from David Hernandez in the 10th inning against Baltimore, making that his 64 career plunk. That ties him with Jim Rice on the Red Sox career HBP list, and leaves him just 7 plunks shy of Mo Vaughn's record total of 71. Since Youk got hit a career high 16 times last season, there's every reason to expect that 2010 will end with Kevin Youkilis as the most plunked batter in Red Sox franchise history. In order to see how Youk has stacked up against Vaughn in the art of HBPs, below is a side by side comparison of Youk's career HBP splits against Mo Vaughn's Red Sox totals (Not including Mo's work with other teams). It's worth mentioning that Mo Vaughn frequently wore a very large arm protector, which would not have been legal in any of the seasons since Youk joined the league. The league banned the use of giant arm protectors in 2000, although some players (Barry Bonds) used a grandfather clause to continue using them. This is where I'm obliged to mention that Craig Biggio, the modern master of the plunk and Seton Hall teammate of Vaughns, conformed to the new arm guard rule after 2000, even though he could have used the grandfather clause and kept the huge police-dog-training-sleeve style guard.
HBPs by pitching team
Team Mo Youk
Yankees 7 12
Mariners 13 4
Orioles 5 9
Tigers 9 5
Blue Jays 7 7
A's 6 2
Brewers 7 0
Rays 0 7
White Sox 1 5
Angels 7 4
Twins 4 1
Indians 2 2
Royals 2 1
Cardinals 0 2
Phillies 0 1
Mets 0 1
Marlins 0 1
Rangers 1 0
Total 71 64

HBPs by pitcher splits
Pitcher Mo Youk
Lefthanders 37 13
Righthanders 34 51
Lefthanded Venezuelans 1 1
Cubans 0 3
New Yorkers 5 1
Americans 64 50
Roosters* 5 10
Last initial S 5 10
Mike Mussina 1 1
*- Pitchers born in the Chinese year of the Rooster

HBPs by Situation
Situation Mo Youk
Bases Loaded 1 2
1st inning 14 7
9th inning 5 6
extra innings 1 2
no outs 20 21
1 out 20 22
2 outs 31 21
Run scored* 16 26
in red sox wins 43 44
in red sox losses 28 20
in losses to the hated yankees 4 7
at Fenway 37 33
at Yankee Stadia (old and new) 5 5
Full Moon 2 1
Sundays 9 9
Saturdays 16 10
Odd numbered days of the month 41 32
Even numbered days of the month 30 32
April 9 10
May 10 12
June 12 15
July 11 6
August 11 14
September 18 7
*- Runs Scored indicates instances where the player scored a run after reaching base on the HBP, although in some instances it may have been a pinch-runner who did the actual scoring.

Mike Mussina is the only pitcher who plunked both Youkilis and Vaughn while they played for the Red Sox, although Andy Pettitte has hit them both, but got Vaughn while he played for the Mets. Mussina plunked Vaughn while pitching for the Orioles, and Youk as a Yankee. Hopefully this information will help you further enjoy watching Kevin Youkilis ascend into the Red Sox history books, in this grittiest of fashions. Perhaps after he gets this record, next year he'll go after the team's single season record - 35 by Don Baylor in 1986. (That's also the AL single season record, and only David Eckstein has gotten within 10 HBPs of it since it was set. Eckstein had 27 in 2002.)

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