So, since it was an off-day, I figured I'd pose a little question to the masses.

I was watching the game last night on ESPN and it was bad. I mean, really bad. I'm talkin' I'm-going-to-make-someone-pay-don't-think-you-won't-pay bad. If I could get my hands around the neck of anyone involved in that nails-on-a-chalkboard experience, I wouldn't be posting some stupid poll, I'd be posting looking for advice on a good attorney. I couldn't finish watching. Even my girlfriend, who has only now started watching a small bit of baseball because I do, couldn't get over how bad they were.

But, anywho, it got me to wondering...which broadcast team is worse: ESPN or FOX? And it is a question I pose to you.

Now this is a question about the broadcast TEAM as a whole. See for me, "Ol' Second Inning" Tim McCarver is the worst of the whole bunch. He's brutal. Just @#$%ing brutal ta listen to. And every time I see that smarmy little Rosenthal twerp, I want some to yank his underwear up over his head. But, me, I like Joe Buck. I know he takes a lot of heat around these parts, but I like him. I think he's got a great voice for calling games and does a decent enough job of following the play. I mean, maybe it's because, being Canadian, I've been exposed to the crappy Blue Jays announcers for so long whereas most Sox fans have been spoiled by Don Orsillo, but I really don't think Buck is bad at all.

Especially when compared with Jon Miller. Dear sweet thundering Jesus, Jon Miller. And then add Joe Morgan on top of that???? Holy crap, what a massive perpetual suck machine they've created in that booth!! This year, they've added Orel Hersheiser into the booth, and wow. Hasn't helped. And the sad part is that he'll never get better so long as he is "learning" from those two wanks. They go entire @#$%ing innings without talking about the game being played.

So, for me, as bad as Tim McCarver is, and the English language hasn't invented that word yet, the sum of trash that is Miller, Morgan, and Orel trumps it. a lofty feat indeed.

Now, I mean, you are welcome to disagree with me. In fact, you are welcome just below to disagree with me. Or to agree, for that matter. What say you?

Credit Joy of Sox for the "Ol' Second Inning" reference.

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