December ticket on-sale Open Thread


54 minutes and counting, no hits.  But I'm not panicking.  Not yet anyway. 140 windows open, desperately hoping for the first shot of adrenaline of BOSTON RED SOX to appear in a tab, so I can finally feel that winter will end at some point in the future.  I'm also very curious about how the new "audio notice" will work when you finally get in.


An important hint: adblock the video on the page, which will speed everything up.  What an odd decision that was.


How are you doing so far?

Update: 11:24AM - So, looks like window-spamming no longer works?  That's disappointing.  It looks like my little walking-man is gradually, very gradually, moving from right to left, but all at the same time.  Naturally, I preferred the random selection.

Update: 11:36AM - 8 tickets purchased, once my walking man ambulated all the way to the left.  Unfortunately, following the first 8 tickets they wouldn't let me add any to the other windows that the walking man had traversed.  So, now I tried clearing my cookies and I'll try again.  Because really, what good are just 6 games with this lineup?

Update: 11:45AM - WALK FASTER.

Update: 12:02PM - Walking man still stuck to the right, with the .... next to him.  This is going to take a while, and even then, who knows if I'll be able to purchase.

Update: 12:31PM - I've resorted to clicking and dragging the walking man to the left in a vain attempt to feel progress.  Shockingly, he doesn't stay where he's left.  Disappointing feature, Sox.

Update: 1:32PM - 2 hours, no progress.  the Virtual Waiting Room can kiss my virtual ass.

Update: 2:03PM - Just took a 15 minute walk after 2.5 hours of nothingness, and every single window magically kicked on in unison.  And then timed out.  So now I'm back to the beginning.  I hate this process, bring back randomness.

Update: 2:38PM - Success, part 2.  If it's a Monday, Wednesday or Friday and the Sox are in town, I'll be there.  I'll decide if I want Thursday and Sunday Night games as well in a bit, but for now, I think this is a good start.  When does the rest of the season go on sale again?

Update: Sunday 10:10AM - And now, I'm done.  14 games in April, May and September.  At this rate, I'm on pace to hit 30 games.  It's so nice to love the team again.

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