Colby Rasmus' Dad at it Again: Ellsbury for Rasmus; Make it Happen, Theo

Colby Rasmus' dad has quarreled with Tony La Russa and the Cardinals organization in the past.

This time he's at it again, except he's mocking the organization in a very sly manner, naughty by nature, as it were.

Tony Rasmus (Colby's dad) created an online hoax in which he stated that the Cardinals were changing Colby into a slap hitter:

"Colby has been working on spraying the ball around the field this offseason via the Big Mac approach. Hasn’t been lifting since the plan is to be a slap hitter so there is no need for the added muscle. The goal I hear is to hit .300 and hit more ground balls and line drives the other way."

"… I’m curious to see this new hitting style at work. What they’re telling me is Colby most likely won’t hit 10 jacks this year but will be more consistent. I’m told that he will look a lot like Jon Jay without all the pre swing motion. More like the Skip (Schumaker) and Jay stuff to left field. IT will be curious to watch."


"Its what Tony (La Russa) has wanted him to do evidently for the last few years. Stop trying to pull the ball and be more like Skip with the other way stuff and working on hitting more ground balls. It is interesting to hear him say he is supposed to inside out everything and hit 80 % of all balls to the left side. It’s the one handed swing that Brendan (Ryan) was working on last year. I haven’t watched him hit he has just been telling me about it."

"I like it HBT. I actually went and watched him yesterday and he reminds me of David Eckstein. He is choked up on the bat and just throwing the hands. Man he was just running those ground balls between short and third. He hit 500 balls and 400 of them were ground balls to the left side. Another 70 were bloopers over the third basemans head and the rest were fly ball outs to left. He was running out of the box when he was making contact. Ichiro like.

I think the loss of strength is gonna be an asset in hitting this way. He doesn’t have the strength to hit the ball out so it will make him stay focused on just punching the ball the other way."

"Mike I believe you will appreciate the consistency this year. I don’t think he will hit 5 HR’s if what I saw today was any indication of his power but he should be able to cut down on the K’s and dink some singles over 3B more this year with 2 strikes with this approach. He’s got good hands and with this spread out no step hitting style he should be able to make better contact. I believe he is trying to please the boss man by revamping his style of hitting. That’s all you can do I guess.

Now if he can get to throwing more like Jon Jay he will have made huge strides in really getting on TLR’s good side."

Now, read this article:

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