Bloody Sox Laundry - 8/29/09

This has been a weird season - some of us are rooting for the MFY to help us in the Wild Card race, while others are hoping for some of our key players to fail. We're arguing about the roster for next year and beyond, when there's issues with it right now (more on that later). Sometimes, we need to look to our enemies for a better perspective.

The Difference Between Boston and Tampa Bay - DRaysBay
Disclaimer: there's a lot of very weird stuff that is talked about regularly in the comments over there. The post itself is what I'm linking to, but I'm going to give fair warning for the possibly offensive comments. That said, I completely agree with what RJ says - the extra money and fan pressure make the situations harder to compare, but the Sox really do need to find a way to keep a hold on guys who are likely to regress.

Another semi-related link from the same author, but at another blog (RJ's a hard working blogger):

A Quiz - FanGraphs Baseball
This help any of you anti-Smoltz guys get what we're trying to say?

After the jump, we try to figure out the motives for the MFY-Chris Carter claim and plan Nick Green's next adventure.

New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox rivalry reaches waiver wire - ESPN

But the Yankees, sources said, placed a claim on Carter -- perhaps to create some 40-man roster discomfort for the Red Sox. In order to complete the Wagner trade, the Red Sox are now pulling Carter back from waivers, and for the rest of the year they must carry him on their 40-man roster.

And now we have another excuse to call them the MFY.

Martinez's Presence Bringing Out the Best in Big Papi -
The logic at the beginning of this article makes me want to throw stuff, but hey, whatever works.

Q+A with 'untouchable' prospect Ryan Westmoreland - Fire Brand of the American League

USG, when are you going to start getting these? Wonder what he'd think of our nickname for him.

Green's your man in a pinch - Extra Bases

With last night’s outing on the mound, Green has now played all but one position: catcher. And it’s not like that thought hasn’t crossed his mind.

I'd suggest that Green could be the solution to our baserunner holding issues, but after Tek's awesome block last night (see pic), I'm back on the "keep Tek" wagon - unless he wants to become the catching coach.

Find links, post them, try not to get banned if you visit blogs of other teams. Hurray weekend!

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