OTM Top Prospects: Who's No. 14?

The list is almost done! Che-Hsuan Lin slotted in at No. 13, so let's round out the rankings with the No. 14 spot today and No. 15 within the next few days.

21 y.o. / Shortstop / B: R, T: R
SP: 10 / BA: 9 / MLB: 9

A 325 14 7 54 .280/.341/.412
A+ 181 13 4 23 .348/.393/.508
HWB 13 0 0 0 .231/.286/.231

Not initially signed as a big name, Navarro has thoroughly impressed the Sox brass during his rise through the organization. He has an athletic build for a shortstop, with a little bit of bulk. At the plate, he makes good contact and generates good loft off his bat, resulting in a lot of liners. Hits fastballs better than breaking balls. A little too aggressive at the plate, could stand to take some more pitches. Average speed and good power for a middle infielder. In the field, he plays 2B, 3B, and SS more than adequately, with a sure glove and an average to above average arm, but he still needs to improve footwork. He also has real problems with fluidly executing double plays. Regardless, he's always entertaining to watch, and turns a lot of big league gems with his glove. He has an Ozzie Smith-like electricity in the field.

KYLE WEILAND (More info)
22 y.o. / Pitcher / B: L, T: R
SP: 14 / BA: -- / MLB: 13

A- 60 10 68 1 1.50 0.77

90-95 mph fastball complemented by a plus low 80s curve and a decent 79-83 mph change. Attacks the zone with very good command - doesn't throw a lot of mistake pitches. Control of his secondary pitches could use some improvement. Fastball has great late downward life. Consistent. Delivery is somewhat unconventional - a little long on the back end, but his motion is smooth coming to the plate. But he's shown great success, so the organization may let him go with it. In college, Weiland struggled recovering from a broken collarbone sustained prior to the 2007 season, after demonstrating flashes of dominance during his freshman campaign at Notre Dame. The Sox will attempt to develop Weiland as a starter down the line.

OSCAR TEJEDA (More info)
19 y.o. / Shortstop / B: R, T: R
SP: 17 / BA: -- / MLB: 10

A 372 18 4 38 .261/.301/.347

Top-notch athlete, lots of tools. Ahead of the fold in terms of age-advancement, but still needs a lot of refinement. Excellent bat speed with a smooth swing. Below average present power, but he's still very young and he could fill out. Plate discipline could definitely use some improvement. Also struggles with off-speed stuff. Above average speed, but has yet to translate that into many stolen bases. Average glove at SS, decent range, and a strong arm that's accurate but inconsistent. He makes most of his errors on off balance throws. Got some time at 3B in 2008. Has impressed with his intellect for his age.

ARGENIS DIAZ (More info)
22 y.o. / Shortstop / B: R, T: R
SP: 13 / BA: -- / MLB: 16

A+ 256 9 0 29 .281/.330/.363
AA 139 8 2 23 .288/.336/.417

Diaz is an elite defensive shortstop, and could compete for a gold glove in the bigs right now. He has plus range, excellent footing, an impressive glove, and an outstanding arm. Makes impossible plays in the field. An inordinate amount of errors in 2008 have largely been attributed to off-the-mark long throws off of grounders that Diaz had no business getting to in the first place. The key for Diaz is how much he will hit. He's a slap hitter with average on base ability and without much power, but he's swung the bat very well during a few prolonged stints here and there. Hits lefties significantly better than righties. Excellent at laying down bunts. Speed on the basepaths isn't much to speak of.

STEPHEN FIFE (More info)
22 y.o. / Relief Pitcher / B: R, T: R
SP: -- / BA: -- / MLB: 15

A- 38.2 11 41 1 2.33 1.01

Great pitcher's frame. At Utah, Fife worked middle relief in 2007 and earned a rotation spot for 2008. Four-seam fastball gets up to 95 mph, but generally sits between 90-93 mph. Great movement on his fastball, tailing down and in on righties. Two seamer sits around 90 mph and has a nice sink. Also works in a low 80s sharp slider and a biting 76-89 mph curve, both have excellent potential. Curveball is his out pitch. His changeup sits around 81-84 mph. Good command, pounds the zone. Extreme groundball pitcher. Workhorse, went deep into games in college, maintaining velocity well. Somewhat jerky delivery with a lot of torque - snaps the ball as it comes out of his hand. Really came on as a draft prospect late in the 2008 season.

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