The Absolutly Premature Albert Pujols Talk

With the Sox on the verge of elimination to the Angels most are looking towards 2010. Albert Pujols unfortuntly isn't
one of the free agents on the market. He has 2years on his St. Louis contract (2011 is a club option) that will pay him 16million per year. In 2012 he will almost certainly recieve "A-Rod" money in the 30million per range. Well the Cards won't let Pujols leave without a fight it's almost certain they wouldn't be able to pay him A-Rod money. Some think Pujols would take a "home town discount" to stay with the Cards. But if the Card can only offer 24million per (That's being extremly generous) and a big market team is offering 33mil, who do you really think Pujols would take?

Of course everyone assumes the MFY would be the main team involved in going after Pujols. Not so fast! The Yankees can afford alot but at that point they'd be paying Texieria (22.5 mil per), A-Rod (29mil in 2012), Sabathia (23mil per), Jeter (Expected to be making maybe 16mil. He's not worth that much but the Yankees won't let the Captain get away), Bay/Holliday (20mil). At some point they won't be able to pay A-Rod money even for a guy like Pujols.

Plus A-Rod and Texieria play the only positions he's ever played unless they DHed him.

You gotta think that would leave Boston as the front runner in 2012 for Albert Pujols. Even assuming a big deal for Beckett/Halladay next year and Bay/Holliday this year the Sox would have plenty of room for a big contract thanks to signing Pedroia and Youkilis cheap.  Well other teams like the Angels and Dodgers would be involved Boston would probally be able to offer the most money


All I know is a potential 2012 lineup looks pretty good(I know it's ridicoulous to guess a lineup for 3 years with trades/ineffectiveness ect. but this is a decent guess IMO.

CF- Ellsbury

2B- Pedroia

1B- Pujols

3B- Youkilis

LF- Bay/Holliday

C- Martinez?

DH- ?????

SS- Casey Kelly???

RF- Josh Reddick???


Could anyone match that lineup? (And yes I am worried about the failure of Henry and co. to pull the trigger on big deals. See: A-Rod and Texieria)

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