AL East: Yankees vs. Red Sox

OK, OTM has seemed dead lately, save maybe the discussions about who has the best rotation in the majors. I thought I'd write something that we could all comment on, agree and disagree. So I decided to compare the line-ups and rotations of the reborn Yankees and the Sox. I stole this idea from over here, when Dewey Finn wrote about the Rangers and Athletics prospects, except this will be about the Major-league roster.

Red Sox                            Yankees                            Advantage

SP Josh Beckett              CC Sabathia                      Yankees. Rematch of the 2007 AL Cy Young. I'm feeling CC will be able to adjust to the AL again in time to have at least a 15-18 win season.

SP Jon Lester                  Chien-Ming Wang             Red Sox. I have a feeling Lester will have a breakout year, finishing in the top three in Cy Young voting.

SP Daisuke Matsuzaka   AJ Burnett                          Red Sox. AJ is a major injury risk, as we all know, and Daisuke has been improving every year. If he lowers his walks, then he will also finish high in Cy Young voting.

SP Tim Wakefield             Joba Chamberlain         Yankees. NG: Tim Wakefield is washed up, IMO!

SP Brad Penny                   Phil Hughes                     Red Sox. Penny is only 30, remember. And he is two years removed from a 16-4 season.


And now the line-ups....


C George Kottaras            Jorge Posada                 Yankees. As of now.

1B Kevin Youkilis              Mark Teixeira                    Yankees. Barely.

2B Dustin Pedroia            Robinson Cano               Red Sox. Is this one even close? Didn't think so.

3B Mike Lowell                  Alex Rodriguez                 Yankees. A-Rod resides over the injured vet.

SS Jed Lowrie                   Derek Jeter                       Yankees. Jed-I is not ready to dethrone Jeter.

OF Jason Bay                    Johnny Damon                 Red Sox. New guy wins over traitor. Non-biased.

OF Jacoby Ellsbury           Melky Cabrera                  Red Sox. Jacoby will bounce back.

OF JD Drew                        Xavier Nady                      Red Sox. Ehh. Close one here. If JD stays healthy, then he'll get it.

DH David Ortiz                    Hideki Matsui                   Red Sox. Ortiz stays healthy, no signs of that wrist injury... it's all good.


So, final score:

Red Sox 8

Yankees 6

Call me biased, that is my opinion. Feel free to agree (or disagree, that is more fun) and give examples of what you would change.

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